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Department of Physics

About the department

In the year 2020, the Department of Physics was founded in order to stimulate rural students and provide higher education in the field of science. The labs in the department are well-equipped and sophisticated. Our department is fortunate to have well-quality teachers with research degrees who specialize in Nano Science and Technology, Digital Electronics, Microprocessors, and Computer skills. Students are given numerous opportunities to hone their organizing abilities.

Vision and Mission


To establish a platform for acquiring knowledge in the field of Physics and its interdisciplinary areas through innovations in teaching at various levels and to create a scientific society with a strong foundation in Physics


  • To train and execute experiments using appropriate methods to analyze data and interpret through theoretical knowledge.
  • To apply numerical, analytical, and logical skills in all interdisciplinary areas to overcome contemporary issues in the field of Physics
  • To understand social responsibilities and pursue higher studies focusing on thrust areas in Physics


staff Name Dr.M.Ramuthai
Designation Head & Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Sc.,Ph.D.,
staff Name Ms.M.Rohini
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.Sc.,
staff Name Mrs.A.Karpagavalli
Designation Lab Assistant
Qualification B.Sc.,