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Correspondent Message

Correspondent’s Message

Dear Students and Parents,

As Mahatma Gandhi’s statement, “if you educate a woman, you educate a family and transform society”.Arumugham Palaniguru Arts and Science College has professional administrators and teachers, an on-going assessment system that supports excellence in all fields. Young women can be molded into patriotic citizens with integrity. In order to achieve this, the environment of our institution is conductive, learning safe, clean, caring and well organized. We encourage students from the various levels of the society to come forward to pursue higher education. The students who enter our portals are given a universal education without discrimination. We are striving for academic excellence and offer the best services to students who have entered as young adolescents and leave as strong women.

It is my pride and pleasure to welcome you all to our Institution.

Palaniguru Arumugham